Eurostar - Switched Mode Power Supply 400VAC to 83.7VDC

When Eurostar’s high speed trains leave the main network for maintenance, they’re powered by EIS-Axon. We’ve designed and manufactured the Mobile Shore Supply (MSS) units that power the trains’ lighting and other essential services inside the Maintenance Depot.

The units plug into the trains and convert a 400VAC supply to 83.7V @ 320A DC. To achieve this, EIS-Axon developed and updated the existing MSS using a PLC controlled switched mode power supply to convert the AC to DC. From our initial design, we created a unit prototype and then modified this in line with client wishes. Particular attention was given to manoeuvrability and a wheeled platform was redesigned to make the MSS more accessible for maintenance engineers. The final manufactured units now deliver a performance over and above client’s expectations and requirements.